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Natalia Somaglia

As a child growing up in Santa Fe (Argentina), I spent hours climbing trees, smelling flowers, listening to the birds sing, swimming in the river, and playing outdoors.

This exposure to the wild gave me a perspective of what is missing in our lives today.

I am a long-time physical education teacher working with children and adults in body rehabilitation and early stimulation. Because I am eager for new knowledge, I started to practice and specialize in yoga, which allowed me to be more aware of my whole body; my body and mind changed my life’s dimension.

I continued working and acquiring new tools like shiatzu massages, progressing efficiently and looking for the body’s harmony through the people who approached me for a particular problem.

I have reiki’s master and light frequency, from which I apply energetic unblocking where the patient has some imbalance. I also work with Akashic Records.

I was trained in Mindfulness and started sharing conscious living as my passion and purpose.

I live in the real world, and my mindfulness training occurred in real-life circumstances. My mission is to help you enjoy a meaningful life using simple tools and daily tips.




Drève Du Duc 55. Watermeal – Boistfort. Brussel, 1170 – Belgium

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Monday-Friday: 11am-8pm
Weekend: 10am-6pm