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The history of al existence

The Akashic Records are the archives that contain the history of all existence; they keep the memory of the whole Universe. I imagine it as a giant library where everything has happened, what’s happening, and the things that may occur in the future throughout the Universe are kept.

In this great “virtual library,” we all have our book. It’s like our soul’s book where is captured all our history, both what happened in other lives, what’s happening in our current life, and all future possibilities, since the future, as the guardians of the Records say, we are writing it with our decisions.

When I open your records, I channel your guides since we all have several. They are the ones who transmit the information on your query, and you have to be prepared to receive it. The data hosted always has the intention that we become aware and evolve. The exciting thing is that everything, including you and me, start from this matrix.




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