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The “finger pressure”

Shiatsu is a Japanese therapeutic massage that seeks to harmonize body, mind, and emotions through contact to improve the health and vitality of the person receiving it. Etymologically, “Shiatsu” means “finger pressure.”

The origin of Shiatsu rests in the simple exercise of relieving pain by pressing a point with the fingers intuitively. Unlike other massage techniques, Shiatsu works subtly, directly affecting the body’s metabolic functions, emotional and mental state, and structural level.

My shiatsu session consists of the patient remaining clothed and is performed on a futon on the floor, although if the patient’s health does not allow it, it can be customized to a stretcher. My purpose is to mobilize the energy blocked through pressure, rocking, stretching, and contact, following in a precise way the energy channels (meridians) through which energy (chi) circulates.




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